Mercedes-Benz ramps upcollision repair program
Published : Dec 21, 2014 - 20:41
Updated : Dec 21, 2014 - 20:41
Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has enhanced its capability to restore its vehicles to precollision condition, further extending the appeal of owning a Benz car.

Its certified collision program, equipped with approved equipment and parts, and certified technicians with a high level of expertise have also won confidence in Korea, where high maintenance costs still hamper the purchase of import vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Korea boasts the same top facilities and equipment that are found at other global operations of the luxury carmaker. All the repair work, including straightening, welding and painting, follow the strict international standards set by the German headquarters.

Straightening car frames is one of the key processes in collision repair work.

It is common for uncertified technicians to simply apply heat in the easiest and cheapest way. But the carmaker says the work should be done carefully with special tools as heat can affect the element structure of the metal sheet and weaken it. 
Technicians inspect a Mercedes-Benz car at a certified collision repair center. (Mercedes-Benz Korea)

The carmaker’s certified service centers are equipped with dedicated straightening brackets that are produced by only a handful of certified companies globally. Thanks to the straightening brackets, replacement parts can be set in place evenly.

The centers offer cutting-edge welding technologies using special materials and tools, including spot welding and metal inert gas welding. Also available is aluminum welding, which requires a higher level of expertise and a safer and cleaner working environment.

The painting work, which plays a key role in durability, is carried out in five phases, using paint and tools approved by the German head office.

Along with enhancing repair technologies, the Korean unit has continued efforts to create more transparency in automotive repair services within the import car industry.

It was the first foreign brand in Korea to introduce the Audatex, an internationally approved system that offers fair quotes for automotive care to customers, in 2011.

Through the Audatex system, which provides a detailed estimate on replacement parts prices, repair time and tools, both drivers and insurance companies can check the exact repair costs and avoid being overcharged.

The company has also operated a partnership program with insurance companies over the past four years, under which it offers partner companies discounts on repair costs and training on the repair process and costs.

By Lee Ji-yoon (
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