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CJ ENM aims to maintain success by maximizing synergy between tvN, streaming platforms

May 9, 2024 - 13:16 By Lee Yoon-seo

Hong Ki-sung, the head of CJ ENM's media business division, speaks during a press event held at Sangam-dong, Seoul, on Wednesday afternoon. (CJ ENM)

CJ ENM aims to uphold its top position in prime-time viewership ratings by maximizing synergy between streaming platforms and its cable channel tvN, amid the declining use of linear TVs, the company said Wednesday.

Announcing the outcomes of tvN content's performance in 2024 During a media event held at the headquarters of CJ ENM located in Sangam-dong, Seoul, on Wednesday, the company said tvN is currently taking the lead in nationwide viewership ratings logged during prime time.

TvN is the broadcasting arm of CJ ENM that is behind numerous hit K-drama series such as "Queen of Tears" and "Marry My Husband," as well as K-drama classics such as "Crash Landing on You" and "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God."

"From the beginning of the year until now, tvN has been recording the highest viewership ratings during the prime time slot. This marks a first in tvN's history," said Hong Ki-sung, the head of CJ ENM's media business division during a press event held on Wednesday afternoon. In the broadcasting business, the prime-time slot refers to the time viewers watch TV the most, which is 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Hong added that tvN's drama series also took up more than 70 percent of series listed in popularity rankings tallied by Good Data Corporation, in April.

Good Data Corporation is a specialized organization that assesses the competitiveness of K-content. Its popularity rankings are made based on program-related data derived from news articles, videos and social media.

The company said it aims to maintain its strong performance by planning and developing its content via "tvN-OTT Integrated Drama Green Light Committee," which selects content that meets the specific needs of CJ ENM's prime target -- viewers aged between 20 and 49.

The committee decides to air content on either Tving or tvN first based on its characteristics, in a bid to maximize viewership and generate buzz, according to the company.

Specifically, CJ ENM said it broadcasts content that is more explicit and suitable for binge-watching on Tving first, while airing content that is family-friendly on tvN.

"Streaming services may be a competitor depending on the situation, but at the same time, we also view them as companions," said Park Sang-hyuk, the head of the channel business division at CJ ENM.

"For example, even though viewers nowadays watch YouTube a lot, the reality is that some of the most viewed YouTube channels belong to CJ ENM," Park said, adding "In a situation where content is consumed across various media, we plan to continue monitoring how CJ ENM's content is consumed on diverse channels."