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LG CNS launches Orelo conference interpreting solution

May 20, 2024 - 13:50 By Jie Ye-eun
An LG CNS employee simulates the company's latest video conference multi-interpretation solution, Orelo. (LG CNS)

Korean IT service provider LG CNS said on Monday it has launched a multi-lingual video conference interpretation solution, called “Orelo,” which can simultaneously interpret up to three different languages in real-time.

The solution can distinguish about 100 languages by voice alone and provides simultaneous interpretation in the languages used by the meeting participants.

It recognizes the statement in a certain language and immediately translates it into selected languages and provides them to the meeting participants in the form of chat window subtitles, the company said.

Orelo can summarize an hourlong meeting in either Korean or English on a sheet of A4 and allow users to search for keywords during the meetings, as well as download all meeting conversations and subtitle content afterward.

Additionally, LG CNS is training Orelo on the terminology for each industry, including manufacturing, finance and logistics.

So far, Orelo can be used through the Teams app, a video conference platform serviced by Microsoft. LG CNS plans to expand the application of the solution to other video conference platforms.

The company also plans to launch a mobile version of Orelo, which can be used when talking on the phone with foreigners, within the first half of this year. Users can check the real-time interpretation of subtitles on their smartphones.

“Through Orelo, we will increase the business efficiency of our employees with global companies,” CTO Kim Sun-jung said. “We plan to service Orelo to external corporate customers in the future.”