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[Coffee Klatch] Indulge in buttery croissants and decadent coffees at Teddy Beurre House

Sept. 2, 2023 - 16:00 By Kim Da-sol
Teddy Beurre House's signature pistachio creme latte and croissant (Teddy Beurre House)

Teddy Beurre House (Kim Da-sol/The Korea Herald)

Yongridangil is a trendy street near Yongsan Station that is well-known among food lovers for its abundance of exotic eateries and atmospheric cafes.

Tucked away in a corner of Yongridangil are two stores run by chef Kim Hoon -- Sam Sam Sam, an American homestyle eatery, and Teddy Beurre House, a European-style bakery -- both of which have quickly made a name for themselves in Seoul's food scene.

Chef Kim chose a teddy bear and a croissant as the main concept of Teddy Beurre House to appeal to a wide variety of visitors. To cater to Korean bread lovers’ preference for crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside baked goods, Kim visited more than a hundred bakeries in Europe. Kim decided to present a selection of French pastry classics, while also weaving in some innovation here and there, curating a unique selection that can only be found at Teddy Beurre House.

The cafe's visually pleasing and delicious bestsellers include the castella croissant, the pistachio kouign-amann and krungji -- a flattened sugar-coated croissant that resembles Korean nurungji (scorched rice).

The pistachio kouign-amann, in particular, is a must try, with a crispy pastry crust and a thin layer of pistachio cream spread inside. All of Teddy Beurre House's pastries, including their croissants, kouign-amanns, fruit-filled tarts, Danishes and banoffee choux are baked on-site every day, using premium butter and flour.

Pastries on display at Teddy Beurre House (Teddy Beurre House)
Teddy Beurre House's signature croissant and creme coffee (Kim Da-sol/The Korea Herald)

Teddy Beurre House is a niche bakery with a diverse selection of delicious bites and a strong eye for the experimental, offering a variety of coffee and other drinks which pair perfectly with their baked goods.

The pistachios crumbled on top of the pistachio cream latte create a pleasant, crunchy texture which complements the generous helping of smooth, sweet pistachio cream. For those who prefer a lighter bite, try dipping Teddy Beurre House's classic croissant in their iced cream latte -- a delightful combination.

Teddy Beurre House displays its baked goods on trays in an open-plan area, but provides a small oven near the counter for anyone who wants to warm up their order before taking a bite.

As its name and European theme might suggest, Teddy Beurre House provides a comfortable, homey atmosphere with plenty of natural light for guests to relax and enjoy their treats.

Its wooden floors and sky blue walls adorned with brown teddy bears and French-style decor create a unique interior, making guests feel as if they are inside a European home. Chef Kim noted that he collected much of the cafe's furniture and decor in Paris.

Teddy Beurre House also offers a selection of baked goods boxes filled with brunch staples -- the perfect gift for a friend or for yourself.

The menu items are a little on the pricey side and on weekends you can expect long queues, but the quality and taste of the goods on offer at Teddy Beurre House make it all worthwhile.

Teddy Beurre House opens every day from 11 a.m. during the week and 10 a.m. on the weekend. The cafe closes at 10 p.m.

Pastries are being made at Teddy Beurre House. (Teddy Beurre House)

Seoul has over 25,000 cafes with many opening and closing each year. The Korea Herald visits unique cafes in Seoul that satisfy people’s tastes for both coffee and atmosphere with the aim of experiencing coffee drinking as a culture. – Ed.

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