‘The Killer’ is an easy-to-watch action romp
Published : Jul 6, 2022 - 16:58
Updated : Jul 6, 2022 - 17:54
From left: Actors Choi Gi-seop, Jang Hyuk, director Choi Jae-hoon and actor Bruce Khan pose for photos after a press conference held at Yongsan CGV on Monday. (iHQ)
If you‘re looking for an exciting action movie that doesn’t require too much thinking, “The Killer: The Girl Who Deserves to Die,” directed by Choi Jae-hoon, could be the film for you.

During a media meeting that followed the press screening of the film at Yongsan CGV on Monday, director Choi noted that he intentionally kept things simple as he aimed to create an action film that people may enjoy without overthinking.

“I focused on making the film entertaining and enjoyable, rather than working on a strong plot,” Choi said.

Adapted from the popular novel “The Kid Deserves to Die” by Bang Ji-ho, the film introduces the character Bang Eui-gang (Jang Hyuk), a retired hitman. He leads a peaceful life with his wife until one day, his wife and her friend go on a road trip together. While they‘re away, Eui-gang is tasked with caring for Yoon-ji, the high school-aged daughter of his wife’s friend.

Jang not only acted in the film but also took part in the preproduction and action design process.

“After we made ‘The Swordsman,’ I got a chance to talk with the producer, and we discussed the idea of making an action film,” Jang said.

Soon after, Jang read the original novel and thought “The Swordman” director Choi would be able to adapt this well and pitched the project to him.

Jang highlighted that one of the main action scenes in the movie was shot in a single take.
“The Killer: The Girl Who Deserves to Die” starring Jang Hyuk (iHQ)
He added that actors can perform the character‘s emotion more consistently when an action scene is filmed in a single take.

“Our goal was to create an action scene in a single take. So, we created a one-take sequence with the director,” Jang said.

Korean actor Bruce Khan, who played a gangster that fights against Eui-kang, said it was very comfortable working with Jang, who loves martial arts.

Khan is a martial artist and actor best known for starring in the action film “The Medallion” (2003).

“I worked with Jang Hyuk for the first time, and I could tell he loves martial arts,” he said. “He felt like a brother who shares my passion.”

As a martial artist, he also praised the action sequence that Jang designed.

“When I watched the demonstration of the action sequence he created, I thought it was perfect,” Khan said. “Of course, his performance style is different from mine, and it was fun finding a balance between the two.”

Veteran actor Son Hyun-joo and top star Cha Tae-hyun also make cameos in “The Killer: The Girl Who Deserves to Die.”

Jang explained that it was he who asked for their help.

“Cha and I have been friends for a long time. We also did a few tv shows together. We can openly ask for help from each other when we need it. So it was easy to cast him,” Jang said. “Son Hynu-joo and I also go back a long way. I really like him. When the film needed a veteran, I immediately thought of him.”

The film will hit local theaters on July 13.

By Song Seung-hyun (ssh@heraldcorp.com)