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“Juvenile Justice” tops Netflix‘s non-English TV series chart

March 10, 2022 - 18:06 By Song Seung-hyun
Kim Hye-soo stars in “Juvenile Justice” which topped Netflix‘s non-English TV series chart for the Feb. 28 to March 6 period. (Netflix)
Netflix‘s original series “Juvenile Justice” topped the OTT platform’s non-English TV series chart on Thursday.

The chart lists non-English TV series in an order of the number of hours that they were watched by the viewers weekly.

According to the chart, Netflix subscribers in 190 different territories watched the Korean drama series “Juvenile Justice” for 45.93 million hours during the Feb. 28 to March 6 period.

“Café con aroma de mujer” was ranked No. 2 as Netflix subscribers watched the show for 45.93 hours during the same period.

After its release on Feb. 25, “Juvenile Justice“ was watched for 17.41 million hours over four days, landing the Korean series in the No. 3 spot during the Feb. 21 to 27 period.

“Juvenile Justice” presents a story about Sim Eun-seok (Kim Hye-soo), a judge who despises juvenile offenders, working with Cha Tae-ju (Kim Mu-yeol), who believes that juvenile offenders can change. Meanwhile, another juvenile court judge Kang Won-joong tries to become a politician to change laws related to juvenile offender cases. Eun-seok also gets to meet judge Na Geun-hee (Lee Jung-eun) who believes that speed and efficiency are key in the juvenile court system.

According to data released by streaming analytics firm FlixPatrol, “Juvenile Justice” placed 8th on its global chart for TV programs available on the streaming service last week. This week, the show was ranked No. 12.

The series is not the only Korean drama on Netflix’s top 10 non-English TV series chart for the first week of March.

Korean zombie thriller “All of Us Are Dead” ranked No.3 with 24.02 million viewing hours.

Two romance dramas “Twenty Five, Twenty One” and “Forecasting Love and Weather” were ranked No. 5 and No.7, respectively.

Top star Son Ye-jin’s drama “Thirty-Nine” also made it to the No.9 spot on the list.

Meanwhile, Korean action film “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure” appeared at No.2 on Netflix’s list of top 10 non-English films. Netflix subscribers spent a total of 11.70 million hours watching the film during the first week of March.

“Restless,” a French remake of Korean film “A Hard Day,” topped the movie chart.