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LG CNS introduces coding initiative for Korean teens

March 14, 2019 - 17:04 By Cho Hyee-su
LG CNS started its software teaching program LG CNS Coding Genius with 118 students from Shinil Middle School, Seoul, Thursday.

A part of the company’s CSR activities aimed at inciting creativity and cognitive thinking among youths, LG CNS has been providing software education program for middle school students since 2017. The program has been taught for over 6000 students in 50 schools across the nation.

Students from Shinil Middle School uses Lego robot cars to learn about self-driving technology (LG CNS)

This year’s program places emphasis on using big data and augmented reality to foster future IT talents, the company said. Activities include running the company’s data analytics program “Smart SMA” to interpret big data, as well as using coding to create augmented reality contents.

The program also uses Lego robot cars to teach about self-driving cars, a key area in future technology development.

“We have improved the program to give the students hands-on experience of up-to-date technologies,” said the representative of LG CNS.

“LG CNS Coding Genius” program will be carried out in 22 middle schools across the nation this year.

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