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Ilpoom Jinro 1924 gift set released for Lunar New Year

Jan. 30, 2019 - 14:30 By Cho Hyee-su
HiteJinro will be releasing premium a soju gift set for the upcoming holiday, the company said Wednesday.

In a promotion using the latest consumer trend favoring “sohwakhaeg,” or “small but fully satisfactory,” the firm said it has designed the gift set to cater to premium soju demand at a reasonable price.


The gift set will consist of two 375-milliliter bottles of Ilpoom Jinro 1924, a premium line of soju, as well as two shot glasses and two rocks glasses. The gift set will also contain a leaflet describing ways to enjoy the soju with holiday foods.

Jinro 1924 was first released in 2014 for the 90th anniversary of HiteJinro. Backed by popular demand, the product was redeveloped into Ilpoom Jinro 1924. The holiday gift sets see great popularity among consumers, the company said, selling out early every year.

The Ilpoom Jinro 1924 gift set will be available in limited quantities in supermarkets nationwide.

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