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Chronology of events leading to Park impeachment

Dec. 9, 2016 - 18:25 By Korea Herald
The following is a chronology of events leading to the National Assembly‘s impeachment of President Park Geun-hye on Friday. -- Ed. 

Oct. 24
JTBC reveals what appears to be a tablet PC belonging to Choi Soon-sil, Park’s longtime friend, containing confidential presidential documents

Oct. 25
Park admits to receiving help from Choi on writing public addresses, and apologizes (1st apology)

Oct. 27
Prosecution establishes a special investigative team to look into the Choi scandal

Oct. 30
Choi returns to South Korea from England

Nov. 2
In a gesture of reform, Park appoints an adviser to the former liberal administration as prime minister

Nov. 3
Choi is arrested/ Park names former opposition politician Han Kwang-ok as her chief of staff

Nov. 4
Park apologizes again, vows to cooperate with the investigation (2nd apology)

Nov. 6
Former presidential secretaries An Chong-bum and Jeong Ho-seong are arrested

Nov. 8
Park visits National Assembly and asks it to field a prime minister candidate to replace her nominee

Nov. 15
Park hires a lawyer, who rejects the prosecution’s request for a face-to-face interview with Park

Nov. 18
A special investigation by the Education Ministry finds that Chung Yoo-ra, Choi’s daughter, was illegally admitted to Ewha Woman’s University

Nov. 19
An estimated 1 million citizens attend a rally in Seoul, demanding Park’s resignation

Nov. 20
The prosecution names Park an accomplice to crimes

Nov. 21
Three opposition parties agree on a joint campaign to impeach Park

Nov. 22
Park endorses the parliamentary bill for an independent counsel-led investigation into herself and Choi

Nov. 22
Two key Saenuri members -- Gyeonggi Gov. Nam Kyung-pil and Rep. Kim Yong-tae -- leave the party and join the opposition-led impeachment drive

Nov. 23
Cheong Wa Dae reveals justice minister and senior presidential secretary for civil affairs offered to resign

Nov. 25
Park’s approval rating falls further to 4 percent

Nov. 26
An estimated 1.9 million citizens, including 1.5 million in Seoul, rally against Park

Nov. 28
Park’s lawyer rejects the prosecution’s investigation of the president
Park accepts the resignation of the justice minister

Nov. 29
Park says she will give up everything, asks parliament to decide her fate (3rd apology)

Nov. 30
Park appoints an independent counsel to investigate the scandal

Dec. 1
Saenuri Party proposes Park resign in April; Opposition fails to submit impeachment bill for Dec. 2 vote

Dec. 2
Opposition submits impeachment bill, aims for Dec. 9 vote

Dec. 3
2.32 million rally, demand Park’s impeachment

Dec. 9
National Assembly passes the impeachment motion; Park suspended from office