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S. Korea, US stage space training against NK GPS jamming threats

April 24, 2024 - 11:16 By Yonhap
Military personnel of the South Korean Air Force's Space Operation Squadron and the United States Space Forces Korea analyze coordinates of jamming attacks during joint training exercises held at an air base in Gunsan, 178 kilometers south of Seoul, on Monday. (Air Force)

South Korea and the United States have conducted joint space exercises to fend off North Korea's global positioning system jamming attacks and other space-based threats, the Air Force said Wednesday.

The Air Force's Space Operation Squadron and the US Space Forces Korea formed an integrated team to conduct the training as part of the Korea Flying Training, an annual large-scale airpower drill.

It marked the first time that an integrated space operation team attended the KFT, a two-week drill that has been under way since April 12 at an air base in Gunsan, 178 kilometers south of Seoul.

During the exercises, the allied forces simulated scenarios to deter satellite communication interference and enhance the accuracy of GPS systems against potential North Korean threats.

Utilizing data collected by US military satellites, they shared coordinates of jamming attacks and relevant information with allied forces, enabling South Korean and US fighter jets to accurately target the origin of jamming attacks, the Air Force said.

The team also discussed ways to integrate South Korean spy satellites in real missions and operations to prepare for their deployment in the future, it noted.

South Korea placed its first military reconnaissance satellite into orbit in December and another earlier this month under its plan to place five by 2025 to better monitor North Korea.

The Space Operation Squadron was created in December 2022 as an integrated unit for space operations and surveillance against Pyongyang's evolving space capabilities.

Similarly, the US Space Forces Korea is tasked with coordinating space operations, missile warning and satellite communications to counter the North's missile and nuclear threats. It was also established in December 2022 as the first US space force unit established on foreign soil.

North Korea launched its spy satellite in November and vowed to send three more into space this year. The South Korean military has been closely monitoring the North's preparations for the launch of its second satellite. (Yonhap)