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[Today’s K-pop] Illit drops debut single remix

April 19, 2024 - 17:58 By Hwang You-mee
(Credit: Belift Lab)

Illit set fans abuzz Thursday with remixes of debut single “Magnetic.”

There are three different remixes -- a soft and dreamy R&B version, a fresh and upbeat “starlight” version and a slower “city night” take on the tune.

The original song is a dance song that combines house and trap and fronted the rookie girl group’s first EP “Super Real Me” that came out last month.

It hit Billboard’s Hot 100 at No. 91, a first for a debut single from a K-pop artist, and the quintet entered the main singles chart in the shortest time in K-pop history at 21 days. The lead single also achieved the feat in the UK, debuting on Official singles top 100 at No. 87.

The group was formed through audition show “R U Next?” and began promoting follow-up track “Lucky Girl Syndrome” with a music video unveiled Wednesday.

Boynextdoor opens pop-up store in Seoul

(Credit: KOZ Entertainment)

Boynextdoor opened a pop-up store in Seoul themed after its second EP that came out on Monday, agency KOZ Entertainment said Thursday.

“Boynextdoor Ground,” the rookie band’s first such event, offers visuals and experiences for fans in three zones expanding on “kitschcore,” a key to understanding the new EP “Earth, Wind & Fire.” A model sun from the music video for the title track welcomes visitors to take photographs after a digital platform using hologram shows the bandmates greeting each other. A range of merchandise fashioned after the mini album is available as well.

Meanwhile, the EP topped iTunes top albums chart in five regions and the main track made top 100 on Melon chart in Korea, a first for the six-member act. A live performance video for the song was released Wednesday while the music video garnered 10 million views on YouTube in 18 hours.

Digital single to commemorate Astro’s Moonbin

(Credit: Fantagio)

Jinjin of Astro dropped a single Thursday remembering Moonbin who passed away one year ago.

Digital single “Fly” was co-written by the leader of the band as well as Moonbin whose voice also is featured, according to agency Fantagio. It also is part of Jinjin’s project Jin Lab that began last month with single “Good Enough.”

Moonbin debuted as a member of the band in 2016, after a stint of acting as a child. He died at his home in Seoul last year. His sister Moon Sua of Billlie took several months off and his bandmates Cha Eunwoo and Sanha took a trip with her during that time.

Separately, Astro put out a special single, “Circles,” in February, written and produced by Jinjin, to mark its eighth anniversary and remind fans of their future together.

Omega X to hold encore concert next month

(Credit: IPQ)

Boy band Omega X will hold an encore concert in Seoul on May 6, said agency IPQ on Thursday.

The 11 members hosted their first standalone concert in Seoul in February for two days, three years after their debut. The May show, dubbed “Island: For Everlastin,” is an encore gig and the set list will include a new performance.

The band has been fighting a lawsuit against its former agency Spire Entertainment for about two years. It filed for an injunction against the contract, claiming that the members were abused by then-deputy head. When granted, it left the agency and signed with its current management firm and released third EP “If You Know, You Know” in November last year.

The group's current agency announced earlier this month that the bandmates’ contracts with Spire had been terminated but the group's former company denied this, saying that investigations were still ongoing.

The latter also claimed that one of the members committed sexual harassment, not the other way round.