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S-Oil honors Korea's firefighters

Dec. 11, 2023 - 14:40 By Song Jung-hyun
S-Oil CEO Anwar Al-Hejazi (front center) poses for a photo alongside award recipients and firefighting officials, as part of the 2023 Hero Firefighters Award Ceremony, held at 63 Square near the Han River in Seoul, Monday. (S-Oil)

South Korean oil refiner S-Oil on Monday recognized eight firefighters for their heroic rescue efforts, handing out a total of 90 million won ($68,240) in prizes at the awards ceremony in Seoul, as part of the company's ongoing campaign to support the nation's firefighters.

The ceremony was co-hosted by the Korea National Council on Social Welfare at 63 Square, near the Han River in Seoul, earlier in the day.

Lieutenant Kwon Tae-jin from the Seoul Special Rescue Team was selected as this year's best heroic firefighter by an awards committee consisting of firefighting experts, and presented with 20 million won in prizes.

Kwon saved more than 150 lives this year, promptly responding to situations involving a woman who jumped off Hannam Bridge in February, and a middle-aged man who attempted to take his own life at the Han River Bridge in July.

Six other lieutenants and one sergeant were honored with 10 million won in prizes each, including Do Gi-mok from Seobu Station in Daegu, Ahn Yong-hyuk from Useong Station in Daejeon, Lim In-taek from Pocheon Station in Gyeonggi Province, Chung Soon-dong from Nameul Station in Ulsan, Chung Hyung-ho from Special Rescue Team in Busan, Choi Eun-yong from Special Response Team in North Gyeongsang Province and Lee Ji-na from Goesan Station in North Chungcheong Province.

“I have been concerned about the safety of our nation’s firefighters myself, keeping a close eye on their heroic deeds and dedication at many fire incidents and numerous risky accidents, while at the same time feeling grateful for their hard work,” S-Oil CEO Anwar Al-Hejazi said.

“Going forward, we will keep supporting our heroic firefighters with our deepest respect.”

Since 2006, S-Oil has been supporting the nation's firefighters, financing their medical treatment, and delivering funds to families of officers killed in the line of duty, including tuition scholarships for their children, among others.