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K-water attends COP28 in bid to tackle climate change

Dec. 10, 2023 - 15:26 By Mun So-jeong
Korea Water Resources Corp. CEO Yun Seog-dae speaks during the "Water for Net-Zero" session held at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Saturday. (Korea Water Resources Corp.)

The Korea Water Resources Corp., or K-water, said Saturday it attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference to represent South Korea while seeking international cooperation on tackling climate change.

COP is an annual multilateral decision-making forum on climate change where almost every country gathers to address the climate crisis. Kicking off on Nov. 30, this year’s COP28 forum was held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with the aim of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, helping vulnerable communities adapt to the effects of climate change and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

K-water has participated in COP for three consecutive runs, raising awareness of the importance of the water industry as a tool to accelerate climate action.

During COP28, the corporation was selected to open sessions at the “Water Pavilion,” where experts, policymakers, and organizations gather to discuss strategies for the responsible and equitable use of the world’s most precious resource.

On Saturday, it hosted the “Water for Net-Zero” session in collaboration with water corporations based in Denmark and the US. K-water presented its achievements in carbon neutrality via digital water management using AI and digital twins, as well as through renewable energy resources such as floating solar panels and green hydrogen.

On Sunday, it also hosted a seminar at the COP28 Korea Pavilion to explain the role of water in climate change mitigation and adaptation, with the Asian Development Bank and Green Climate Fund in attendance.

The Korean corporation also aims to obtain accreditation from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat via the Asia Water Council, where K-water CEO Yun Seog-dae is serving as the chairman of over 130 member organizations. Once admitted, it can actively participate in climate change-related meetings and conferences hosted by the UN.

“K-water has strengthened international ties by achieving carbon neutrality with its cutting-edge water management technologies,” said Yun.

“We will continue to actively collaborate with the government, international organizations, and multilateral development banks to expand green official development assistance and investment projects for a sustainable future.”