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Dongha turns coffee grounds to eco-friendly decks

Nov. 29, 2023 - 16:25 By Lee Jung-joo
Donghas's "coffee decks" made out of coffee ground waste, is on display. (Dongha)

Dongha, which specializes in resource circulation, is the only domestic company that reuses coffee grounds to make them into decks placed in parks and beaches.

Also known as "coffee decks," the products developed by Dongha contain coffee ground content of 51 percent, and the components that are generated when roasting coffee beans -- cafestol and melanoidine -- have been proven to strengthen the quality of its products.

While Dongha’s coffee decks officially entered the market this year, they have already secured product competitiveness by obtaining the Korean Industrial Standards certification, New Excellent Technology certification, Excellent Performance certification and the Eco-Label certification.

It has also signed memorandums of understanding with nine countries, including Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Japan, to expand into the global market.

Dongha is set to attend the 28th United Nations Conference of the Parties, where it will address the importance of recycling coffee grounds. Its proposal aims to share coffee ground recycling technology with manufacturers, fostering an ecosystem that promotes sustainable production and consumption.