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HiteJinro soju seeks bigger footing in UK

Nov. 28, 2023 - 14:43 By Hwang Joo-young
Bottles of HiteJinro's Jinro Green Grape Soju and Jinro Peach Soju are on display at a Sainsbury's store in the UK. (HiteJinro)

South Korean liquor giant HiteJinro said Tuesday it is expanding its distribution network of soju products in the UK as part of efforts to strengthen its market presence in Europe.

Since last week, HiteJinro has started selling its Jinro Green Grape Soju and Jinro Peach Soju at 88 Sainsbury's stores and via online shopping portals, including Sainsbury's Online and Ocado, the company said.

According to HiteJinro, the company's distilled spirit exports to the UK have been increasing at an annual growth rate of nearly 73 percent over the past three years.

HiteJinro attributed the growing sales in the UK to its proactive marketing efforts, including its sponsoring of local music festivals and collaborating with UK food franchises.

"The recent growth in the European market, where we had a relatively small sales volume in the past, and the increase in drinking soju centered around locals is meaningful (as it indicates) a step closer to the globalization of soju," said Hwang Jung-ho, managing director of HiteJinro's overseas business division.

"We will continue to strengthen our online and offline sales channels as well as actively engage in various brand promotion campaigns."