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Job applicants may legally reject AI interviews next year

Nov. 24, 2023 - 14:13 By No Kyung-min
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Starting next year, job seekers will have the right to reject the results or seek clarification if they perceive artificial intelligence-powered interviews to be unfair in their recruitment process.

The Personal Information Protection Commission announced Wednesday new legislation regarding the amendment of the Personal Information Protection Act. The amendment process began on Thursday and continues to Jan. 2 of next year.

Under the proposed amendment, if job applicants feel that their rights are infringed upon by an automated system utilizing AI technologies, they will have the right to reject the outcome or request an explanation from the relevant company. They can also demand an alternative interview method that excludes the use of these technologies. Hiring companies are required to properly respond to such requests.

The amendment further requires institutions and organizations handling extensive personal information, including university hospitals, large corporations and universities, to appoint a chief privacy officer.

The commission will also gain the authority to assess the level of personal information protection within public institutions and recommend improvements based on evaluation outcomes.

PIPC Chairman Ko Hak-soo expressed the commitment to host meetings and briefing sessions, incorporating opinions from academia, industry and civic groups, to facilitate the practical implementation of the amendment.

The scheduled implementation of the amendment is set for March next year, following the pre-announcement of legislative proceedings.