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Ex-fiance admits spanking fencing star’s nephew 'for discipline'

Nov. 5, 2023 - 14:44 By No Kyung-min

Jeon Cheong-jo, the former fiance of Olympic fencing medalist Nam Hyun-hee, is taken out of Songpa Police Station in Seoul to attend a court hearing to review the legality of Jeon's detention over allegations of fraud and attempted fraud, Friday. (Yonhap)

Jeon Cheong-jo, the former fiance of Olympic fencing medalist Nam Hyun-hee, has admitted to spanking Nam's teenage nephew "for discipline."

The Seongnam Jungwon Police Station conducted an investigation into allegations of child abuse, intimidation and stalking involving Nam Hyun-hee's former fiance on Saturday.

Jeon is alleged to have struck Nam's middle school-aged nephew approximately ten times on the buttocks with the handle of a child's golf club at Nam's mother's residence in Seongnam, located south of Seoul, on Aug. 31.

Furthermore, in April, Jeon sent threatening text messages to the nephew for requesting pocket money from Nam. The messages included statements such as, "I will make you friendless," and "I will send security guards to your school to handle matters."

While the former fiance admitted to these two charges, Jeon claimed that their actions were intended as disciplinary measures.

At first, the nephew denied any physical abuse since September when the allegation was reported to the police by a child protection institute. However, he corroborated the spanking incident after Jeon faced multiple fraud charges on Oct. 26.

Nam reported Jeon's mother for stalking, as the latter made 20 phone calls and sent text messages to her, on Oct. 30.

Police officials have stated that the Seongnam Jungwon Police Station has conducted at least one investigation for each of the three allegations: Jeon's stalking of Nam, the assault on the nephew and Jeon's mother's stalking of Nam. Whether further investigation or the handling of each case will proceed remains undecided, police officials said.

Currently, the Seoul Songpa Police Station is primarily responsible for investigating the multiple fraud charges against Jeon. The Seoul Eastern District Court has issued an arrest warrant for the alleged con artist on Friday.