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S-Oil shares songpyeon with low-income neighbors

Sept. 22, 2023 - 17:53 By Mun So-jeong
S-Oil CEO Anwar A. Al-Hejazi (left) makes songpyeon with children at a charity event held ahead of Chuseok at the company's headquarters in Mapo-gu, Seoul, on Friday. (S-Oil)

South Korean oil refiner S-Oil held the company’s annual charity event, dubbed “Sharing Songpyeon with S-Oil,” on Friday, for the upcoming Chuseok holiday.

S-Oil CEO and some 100 employees made songpyeon -- traditional half-moon-shaped rice cakes served during Chuseok -- and 500 gift packages, spending 50 million won ($37,400) in total.

“Korea’s Chuseok is a meaningful holiday that celebrates a plentiful harvest with families, gathering together to eat special foods and giving gifts to show appreciation,” said Anwar A. Al-Hejazi, S-Oil CEO. “With such small efforts, S-Oil will continue to practice the value of 'jeong' -- the Korean concept of love and caring -- to socially isolated neighbors.”

The event was hosted in the company’s headquarters in Mapo-gu, Seoul, along with its volunteering partner, Loveaid Foundation.

It was also joined by students from Saudi Arabia as well as children at nearby corporate day care centers, offering them special volunteering opportunities.

The handmade songpyeon and gift packages were delivered to neighboring low-income households in Gongdeok-dong and Donghwa-dong, selected via community service centers.

The company has been making and giving songpyeon as a charity event since 2007, supporting the underprivileged to enjoy a warmhearted holiday.

As Korea's traditional mid-autumn full moon festival, this year's Chuseok holiday will run from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1.