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[Herald Design Forum 2023] Design experts discuss 'design for coexistence' at Herald Design Forum

Sept. 19, 2023 - 15:18 By Yoon Min-sik
The Herald Design Forum 2023 is held at the Shilla Seoul on Tuesday. (Im Se-jun/The Korea Herald)

The 13th Herald Design Forum opened Tuesday under the theme of “Design for Coexistence, Exploring New Perspectives on Coexistence,” bringing together renowned designers from across the world to Seoul.

“This year, we wish to focus on a realm that traditionally has not been the mainstream of the design world,” said Jeon Chang-hyeop, CEO and publisher of Herald Corp, in his opening remarks. “Taking a step back from the traditional design that we are all used to, we hope that experimental design and today's talks -- albeit a little unfamiliar to some -- may serve as an inspiration and provide wisdom to us all.”

Ten prominent figures in the world of world of architecture, art, fashion, interior design, industrial design and even aerospace design spoke at the event held at the Shilla Seoul in Seoul, attended by some 500 participants.

“With increasing interest in the environment, sustainability is being discussed in various industries as a key value. Designers are pursuing aesthetic beauty as well as environmental factors in their designs, which will be discussed in today’s forum,” said Rep. Hong Ik-pyo, chair of the National Assembly's Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee. “Design with diverse values has the power to change the existing ways things are ordered as well as culture.”

Participants of the Herald Design Forum 2023 register for the event at the Shilla Seoul on Tuesday. (Im Se-jun/The Korea Herald)

Ryu Chang-su, second vice-mayor for administrative affairs in the Seoul Metropolitan Government, stressed that the city needs “a different point of view in design” that pursues coexistence. “Seoul will, just like the theme of the forum, maintain a ‘new perspective’ and seek ‘new coexistence,'” he said.

The opening ceremony wrapped up with congratulatory remarks by Na Gun, director general of the 2023 Gwangju Design Biennale.

“I believe the theme of this forum represents the beginning of the conversation for us to change the world through design, and seek improved coexistence. The world can no longer stay divided, and addressing the issues of humanity, cooperation and coexistence is essential. Design can provide solutions for these issues,” he said.

Diébédo Francis Kéré, the winner of last year's Pritzker Architecture Prize, opened the forum with a talk entitled, “Opportunities: Material and Place,” sharing his vision for an architecture that considers its environment, embraces local materials, responds to the climate crisis and works with the realities of the community to create buildings that last.

Diébédo Francis Kéré speaks during his lecture at the Herald Design Forum 2023 held Tuesday at the Shilla Seoul (Im Se-jun/The Korea Herald)

Lina Ghotmeh, architect and founder of Paris-based studio Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture, spoke about her practice, which strives to create structures that bring a positive social and environmental impact in her lecture entitled, “Living in Symbiosis -- an Archaeology of the Future.”

After the lectures, Kere and Ghotmeh participated in a special discussion themed, “Design for Coexistence,” moderated by Yoo Hyun-joon, the principal of Yoo Hyun-jun Architects.

After a break, the forum delved into design in other fields and its various impacts on the environment. Cristina Celestino, Italian brand Attico Design’s founder, took the stage for talk entitled, “Intertwining Beauty and Sustainability: From Color to Materiality.”

A.A.Murakami, a London/Tokyo based artist duo and founder of Studio Swine, short for Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers, gave a presentation titled, “Adventure Design and Ephemeral Tech,” that focused on the team's art installations.

Creative director Dan Goods gave the talk, “From Inner Space to Outer Space,” in which he spoke about his journey to doing visual strategy at NASA and how everyone can be involved in the endeavor of aerospace.

The Herald Design Forum 2023 is held at the Shilla Seoul on Tuesday. (Im Se-jun/The Korea Herald)

Kim Teck-koun, vice president of Kia Next Design Group, talked about his work at the global motor company in the lecture entitled, “The Kia Design Philosophy and Design Direction.” Another talk on the theme of industrial design followed in “Design for Humanity: Motion Driven by Heart,” delivered by Alpha Motor Corporation founder and CEO Edward Lee.

Then it was time to discuss innovations in fashion. Francesco Scianni, a fashion designer, architect and president of Sapere Mediterraneo, gave a talk entitled, “Researching and Defining New Fashion and Design Trends.”

The last speaker of the of the day was Kathleen Kye, CEO and director of fashion brands KYE and EYEYE, whose talk was called, “How to Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset as a Designer." She shared her personal experience transforming creative ideas into business outcomes.

The Herald Design Forum has been held annually since its inaugural edition in 2011, providing a platform for transmitting design knowledge and has featured over 100 world-renowned figures in the world of design since then.