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NCT’s Taeyong sheds tears of thanks for his solo debut

June 6, 2023 - 14:20 By Hong Yoo
Taeyong of NCT performs his title track, "SHALALA," for the first time on stage during a press conference on Monday in Seoul. (SM Entertainment)

Taeyong of the popular K-pop band NCT made his solo debut with his first mini album, “SHALALA,” on Monday.

The talented artist composed and wrote the lyrics to all of the seven tracks in this new album, which is led by title track “SHALALA.”

“The album comprises all kinds of honest feelings and thoughts from when I was having a hard time in life, to when I was having my best moments as well. I hope this album can help people cheer up to achieve their dreams and (find) love,” Taeyong said introducing his album to local reporters during a press event on Monday.

The title track, “SHALALA,” is of the hip-hop genre composed with rhythmical percussion and heavy drum sounds.

“I got the idea to write this song when I went to Paris for fashion week. There I saw that there are so many people with unique individuality. This song expresses how everyone can show off their own charms, so if you tune into it when getting ready to go out, you will be able to gain confidence and try out new styles,” said Taeyong.

Taeyong, whose forte as a member of NCT had been his powerful performance and outstanding looks, did not forget to put a lot of effort into making a fancy performance for his title track.

“Famous K-pop choreographer Leejung of YGX made the choreography for this song. The moment I saw the moves, I was so satisfied. Some of the point dance moves include making a punch move like a cat and a move that reminds me of the famous ‘Macarena’ dance,” said Taeyong.

He then introduced the four other tracks of the album, including “Gwando,” “Move Mood Mode,” “Ruby” and “404 File Not Found.”

“Gwando” is a bright song with somewhat melancholic lyrics that remind people of the moment they want to give up on something.

“This was one of the candidates for the title track of this album. The track even has its own choreography so look forward to its performance,” hinted Taeyong.

“Move Mood Mode” is a track for which the solo artist wrote about the pure feeling of love of a couple enjoying the warm and sunny weather.

Wendy of Red Velvet is featured on the single.

“Ruby” is a song in which Taeyong wrote about a dog named Ruby he used to have when growing up.

“I made this song because I miss Ruby a lot. I used to rely on Ruby as a kid. I hope this music can comfort those that miss their loved ones,” said Taeyong.

“404 File Not Found” is a dark medium pop song in which Taeyong describes the moment in his life when he felt lost and did not know how to move forward in terms of his career as a K-pop artist.

According to SM Entertainment, Taeyong’s first solo album surpassed 500,000 units of preorders.

“I was really nervous about dropping this album because I will be evaluated by this first album. The album is a portrait of a genuine me who wants to continue living as a person full of confidence. I am so thankful for all the love from the public,” said Taeyong.

He wants to continue being an artist who can continue to make music as a self-portrait.

Looking back at the past four to five years he spent preparing for this album and finally getting to make his debut as a solo artist, Taeyong shed tears.

“This is a really meaningful moment for me. I was lucky to have such a great producing team that helped me a lot to debut solo.”