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Everglow meets with local fans in Thailand at Sound Check Festival

March 27, 2023 - 13:45 By Hong Yoo
K-pop girl group Everglow poses for a picture at the Sound Check Festival 2023 in Bangkok, Saturday. (Yuehua Entertainment)

K-pop girl group Everglow met with its Thai fans on Saturday by participating in the Sound Check Festival 2023.

The Sound Check Festival, a six-hour K-pop music festival held at Bangkok’s Thunder Dome Stadium, was pumped up with some of the biggest K-pop groups and popular artists from Thailand.

Everglow kicked off their performance with their latest tracks “Dun Dun” and “La Di Da.”

“The first time we were in Bangkok, we had just made our debut. Back then, we didn’t have many tracks to perform for you. We are happy that now we can show you our latest tracks. More performances await and we prepared a good show, so please look forward to it,” Everglow members told their fans at the scene.

Everglow is a K-pop girl group formed by Yuehua Entertainment and consists of six members including Yiren, Aisha, Si-hyeon, Mia, Onda, and E:U.

They entered the music scene on March 18, 2019, with the single album “Arrival of Everglow.”

The artists continued to perform their tracks “Bon Bon Chocolat,” “Pirate,” “Adios,” and “First,” songs that have been loved by mostly foreign fans.

“This year, we mark our four-year anniversary. We want to continue this journey with our fans for a long time. We want to be close to our fans every day, but that’s hard, so we want to make a special memory with you guys,” said Everglow, wrapping up their performance, and took some time to take pictures with their fans.