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Hyundai Engineering expands CSR projects to help disabled, low-income households

Oct. 4, 2022 - 18:07 By Lee Yoon-seo
Employees of Hyundai Engineering participate in a charity drive with members of the Goodwill Store in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province (Hyundai Engineering)

Hyundai Engineering said Tuesday that it is planning on expanding its corporate social responsibility projects to support the disabled and low-income households.

Under the plan, the firm, which has been conducting charity drives with the Goodwill Store since 2017, a rehabilitation facility for the disabled, will provide educational services, repair low-income residents’ houses and establish a community center for Koryoin, or ethnic Koreans living in Central Asia.

"Hyundai Engineering has been strengthening its business strategies and partnerships to create social value, in ways it can best help the social problems," said an official from Hyundai Engineering.

The joint project with the Goodwill Store is aimed at creating jobs for the disabled to have them engaged in the process of collecting, sorting and packaging donated goods.

Hiring the disabled offers an opportunity for them to stand on their feet, the company said.

Other CSR projects includes a collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government that help residents living in shelters with housing support, product sponsorship and volunteer activities.

The company's Gift House Campaign, in addition, has been providing modular homes, or prefabicated houses that are manufactured off-site in advance for easy assembling, to help disaster-hit families since 2015.