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[Today’s K-pop] 2AM to reunite after seven years: report

May 20, 2021 - 17:06 By Hwang You-mee

(Credit: Big Hit Entertainment)

The four bandmates of 2AM are considering reuniting after seven years, media reports said Thursday.

The quartet debuted in 2008 with “This Song” and gained a huge fandom with a series of hits including “Never Let You Go,” “One Spring Day,” “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls,” “What Should I Do?” and “I Was Wrong.”

The band released its third studio album, “Let’s Talk,” in 2014, but three of its members decided to go their separate ways as their contracts came to an end. Changmin stayed with Big Hit for three years before establishing his own management firm, while Jo Kwon remained with JYP Entertainment and later moved to Cube Entertainment.

Jeong Jinwoon and Lim Seungong expanded into acting, Jeong signing on with Mystic Story and Lim with Jellyfish Entertainment.

Jo, the leader, denied that the band had essentially disbanded, and in 2018 at a press conference for his record “Dawn” he mentioned the possibility of reuniting. An earlier attempt to reassemble in 2017 did not go anywhere.

The agencies representing Jo, Im and Jeong said in response to the reports that the musicians were strongly considering the possibility of reuniting.

Seventeen's Wonwoo, Mingyu to team up as duo 

(Credit: Pledis Entertainment)

Wonwoo and Mingyu of Seventeen will come out with a record as a duo, said agency Pledis Entertainment on Thursday.

The company took fans by surprise with a motion poster for “Bittersweet,” featuring singer Lee High.

Against the backdrop of a dark alley on a rainy day, the two are seen arm in arm with their backs to the camera. A brief line from the song, which is about love, as well as a captivating guitar riff and drumbeat, gave fans a taste of the upcoming music. The snippet indicated that it would be a part of the band’s annual project “Power of Love.”

The song will be unveiled May 28.

Meanwhile, the 13-piece act also announced that it would release its eighth EP, “Your Choice,” June 18. It has been eight months since the release of its album “;[Semicolon].”

Heize’ new EP inspired by “Walking Dead”

(Credit: P Nation)

Heize revealed that her seventh EP, “Happen,” was inspired by “Walking Dead” at an online press conference on the occasion of its release Thursday.

“I usually work every day, but there was a time when I couldn’t for over a month. After going through that period, I was watching the ‘Walking Dead’ series, which finally led to the beginning of this album,” said the singer-songwriter.

She was embarrassed that it took her almost a year to come up with new music, she said.

“This is the first time I’m putting out an album after such a long interval,” she said, apologizing to her fans and thanking them at the same time. It was also her first album since she moved to P Nation and the new company had allowed her to create it in a pleasant setting, she added.

The vocalist will perform the songs from “Happen” for the first time in a livestream on Naver’s platform later on Thursday.

Twice’s Jihyo covers Camila Cabello 

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)

Jihyo of Twice floated a video of herself covering Camila Cabelo and Grey’s “Crown” on Wednesday.

The leader of the girl group not only sang the song but also showed off a perfectly choreographed dance with the crew going barefoot. The video drew over 3 million views in a day and ranked No. 3 on YouTube’s worldwide trending chart.

The video is part of the group’s project to document the development of each band member. The first centered on Momo, and this is the second.

As the girl group with the most music videos with over 100 million views, the band has set a record. The video for “Breakthrough,” its fifth Japanese single, which came out in July 2019, reached the milestone last week. It was the band’s 17th video to achieve the feat, and with it Twice surpassed UK trio Little Mix, which has 16 videos with over 100 million views.

The nonet is returning with “Taste of Love” next month and in July will drop its third Japanese LP, “Perfect World.”

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