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[Video] Old-fashioned yet effective tips to prevent coronavirus infection

March 3, 2020 - 11:40 By Park Jun-hee

The abrupt outbreak of the novel coronavirus, officially named as COVID-19, has been dominating headlines around the world. The virus, widely believed to have originated from China’s Hubei province last year, has sparked global concerns outside the mainland ever since.

Moreover, the epidemic has disrupted the everyday lives of many South Koreans in many ways. Concerns and fears are mounting here that the virus might escalate much more than SARS and MERS outbreaks in the past.

The demand for sanitizers and face masks is surging. Pharmacies and retailers are trying hard to restock the related products as the anxiety over COVID-19 is spreading fast. People find it hard to get the products even if they are willing to pay more. The prices are already skyrocketing.

Some Koreans have turned their attention to simple, common-sense activities to cope with the outbreak. Here are some tips to help prevent the virus infection and stay healthy.

First, good old-fashioned hand washing is among the most effective methods to avoiding the infection as it helps remove harmful germs off of your hands, a key pathway through which the coronavirus is spread. Also, try avoiding touching your face -- eyes and nose especially -- if you haven’t washed your hands properly.

Second, alcohol-based hand sanitizers come in handy when cleaning your hands. Hand sanitizers that have at least 60 percent of alcohol content are assumed to be a crucial line of defense against the coronavirus and other infectious illnesses.

Third, alcohol swabs or sprays can be effective in washing surfaces and objects that get touched regularly. A doorknob is one example. Washing doorknobs and other spots at home and in the office can help reduce the risk of catching the virus.

Last, it’s crucial to wear masks whenever possible to protect yourself from the virus and also reduce the chance of transmitting the disease to other people. It’s important not to touch the outside part of mask as it could have been tainted with pathogens.

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