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[News Briefs] Year’s first flesh-eating bacteria found in Gyeonggi

May 7, 2019 - 17:12 By Kim Arin
Vibrio vulnificus, a strain of necrotizing bacteria, was detected in seawaters off the west coast of Gyeonggi Province, the province’s Health and Environment Research Institute said Tuesday.

Three of the 38 seawater and 33 wetland mud samples tested positive for the bacteria on April 29. 

Gyeonggi Health and Environment Research Institute (Yonhap)

About 50 cases of the bacterial infections occur nationwide every year, with nearly half of those infected dying, according to the institute.

The bacteria are typically found during summer, but since 2017 they have been detected as early as April.

Common routes of infection include eating raw seafood or coming in contact with contaminated seawater. To avoid infections, cooking seafood at over 85 degrees Celsius is recommended. People with open wounds are especially advised against contact with seawater.

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