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KT launches VR fitting service for home shopping lovers

March 27, 2018 - 17:00 By Song Su-hyun
KT will launch the country’s first virtual reality-based 3-D fitting service for home shopping channels, it said Tuesday.

Starting Wednesday on the Hyundai Home Shopping channel, local womenswear brand Joinus’ new blouses for spring will be sold with the help of a 3-D avatar trying on the new clothes on behalf of consumers at home.

Subscribers to KT’s GiGa Genie speaker and Olleh TV UHD will be able to experience the service by choosing 3-D content on the IPTV menu.

On the Shinsegae Shopping channel, men’s suit brand Ungaro will introduce a VR fitting service to sell suits on the same day.

The service is based on KT’s 3-D content viewer technology, which can be applied via its IPTV set-top box.
A KT official introduces the company's VR fitting service for home shopping channels. (KT)

When home shoppers click the “3D view” button that pops up on the TV screen, an avatar comes out on the right side of the screen. Shoppers can choose the colors and types of clothes they want and affix them to the avatar.

The avatar can be zoomed in and out, and turned around, to closely check out the products’ materials, colors and how they actually look like when worn.

The avatar’s height and waist can be adjusted to match the shopper’s body sizes.

“With local home shopping channels, we will create this so-called ‘immersive T-Commerce’ market by applying augmented reality and virtual reality technologies,” said Choi Gwang-cheol, vice president of media platform business at KT.

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