Bracket brings Daegu artists to the fore

By Korea Herald

Published : Oct 16, 2012 - 19:37
Updated : Oct 17, 2012 - 18:34

Artists in Daegu now have a new outlet.

Bracket, a new magazine for artists, launched it’s first issue last month. It is the work of three expats who wanted to create a magazine that people would enjoy and serve the art community in a way they thought other expat magazines hadn’t been doing.

“We are artists of sorts and think we missed the amount of magazines in print from home. We realized it was something lacking in the community as a whole,” said Chris Cote, who is co-publisher of the magazine, along with Greg Laychak, and Jess Hinshaw.

The monthly magazines will be available from bars, galleries, cafes and “other art-minded places” according to Laychak.

“We want it to be available in places where art is important, and where the artists in the magazine will be paid attention to,” said Hinshaw. “You won’t find bracket in (bars like) Thursday Party.”

The magazine is designed as an outlet for designers with a particular focus on the graphic side. Laychak added that they wanted to find artists that took their work seriously but didn’t normally get an outlet.

“We want to include the bracketed content. That is, the ‘other stuff’ that you don’t often see. It’s an ‘aside,’ but it’s also very important and of good quality. We’re trying to avoid artists who are very established, as they already have many venues to show their work in,” he said.

“That’s not to say we won’t publish people who are successful. We are looking for those who are serious enough to have a presence, but aren’t necessarily well known.”

All three of the founders said they hoped the magazine would contribute to fostering an artistic community in the city.

“We want to provide a place for artists to be published, but also provide a boost to the art community in Daegu by getting the magazine in the hands of those who are interested in art on any level. And even in the hands of those who may not respect art but may be more inclined to after seeing what people in Korea are doing artistically,” said Cote

“There is so much artwork that isn’t being shown and we think it is best to get it out there as much as we can.”

Hinshaw said she had met a lot of artists in Daegu looking for an outlet to share their art.

“I want Bracket to help centralize the art scene here,” he said.

Hinshaw said that they had sponsors to cover the cost of production, and that any profit made would go back into the magazine.

“The thing that is most important to us is quality, and an artist who is serious about their work. I don’t care about where you’ve shown before or if this is your first drawing ... if it’s quality and the artist is committed to their work we’ll consider it,” he said, adding that she was keen on getting submissions from Korean artists.

“I want Bracket to be something that people seek out, and that they look forward to. Art can only enhance the community.”

To find out more about bracket, visit the magazine’s website at

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