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April 19, 2011 - 18:22 By Paul Kerry
This is a regular feature introducing associations and clubs for expats. This week, Expat Living spoke to Marcus von Engel of In Vino Veritas wine club ― Ed.

•Name of Club: In Vino Veritas

•Location: Seoul

•Number of members: 80. About 50 to 80 members and guests attend each monthly tasting

•Started: In 1996. It is Korea’s oldest wine club

Who is it for? Professionals ― Koreans and expats ― interested in exploring great wines, enjoying great food and meeting interesting people.

What goes on? Our wine club in Seoul is dedicated to exploring fine wines and cuisine for wine enthusiasts. Our members and their guests ― consisting of Korean and overseas professionals ― meet monthly (on the second Tuesday of each month except August) to explore different wines from around the world.

Our club has been a major contributor to the development of a wine appreciation culture in Korea. We have a long list of prestigious members and have regularly invited ambassadors and VIPs to join our wine tasting dinners. We have a long tradition of ambassadors of wine producing countries attending our meetings to be inducted as honorary members.

How to join: Send an email to to subscribe to our monthly email announcing the theme for each event.

What is the highlight of the year for your club? In December, we hold our annual wine auction for charity, raising thousands of dollars for a designated cause.