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Smart TVs, tablets stars of global gadget show

Jan. 4, 2011 - 18:02 By 김지현
Smart devices and tablet computers are expected to steal this year’s largest electronics tradeshow, which kicks off Thursday in Las Vegas.

“We expect smart devices to be the most central feature of this show,” said Choi Jun-hyuk, a spokesman for LG Electronics. “Now that the consumers are familiar with the smart trend, we’ll be focusing more on how to make the devices more convenient and more user-friendly.”

Reflecting its views about the show, LG Electronics tagline for its campaign for the Consumer Electronics Show this year is “Simply Smarter.”

Samsung Electronics, another local electronics firm gone global, also believes that smart devices will be commanding center stage at this year’s show. 
Samsung Electronics’ 3-D LED monitor. (Samsung Electronics)

Among them, smart TVs will rule the scene, experts said.

“Manufacturers are most likely to showcase various types of smart televisions at the CES this year, as the market is now one of the most popular,” said Park Won-jae, an analyst with Daewoo Securities.

Smart TVs indicate televisions enabling the use of the Internet so that users can surf the Web to shop or look up information while at the same time watching television programs.

Smart TVs have been garnering increasing attention from both manufactures and consumers after smartphones took off last year.

Tablet PC is another product CES participants should be watching for, industry sources said.

LG Electronics, previously criticized for its slow entrance into the smartphone competition, will be late in introducing its tablet PC that runs on the Honeycomb operating system tailored for tablet PCs. 
LG Electronics’ smart TV. (LG Electronics)

Samsung Electronics plans to roll out its second tablet after releasing its first, the Galaxy Tab in November last year.

Among foreign brands, Apple was expected gain equally keen attention, even though it will not be officially taking part, industry sources said.

This is because Apple ― famous for both the iPad and its smartphone, the iPhone ― may soon be releasing its second iPad, nicknamed the “iPad 2.”

Apple reportedly has three versions of the iPad 2 it wants to introduce.

The evolvement of 3-D televisions may be another trend to watch for at the exhibition, they added. Gadgets and devices have been released by electronics makers to draw consumers to 3-D televisions and monitors as they have yet to see notable commercial success.

The CES is the world’s largest tradeshow for electronics products. This year, more than 2,700 exhibitors are to take part to help shape new electronics trends.

Samsung and LG indisputably play a huge role in the show, according to show organizers.

“These two domestic brands usually are a huge part of the show because many of the participants are interesting in learning what new cutting technology they will bring,” said Julia Lim, a spokeswoman of the Consumer Electronics Association.

The CES program will wrap up on Jan.9.

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