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Zyx Technology donates CAD software to University of Seoul

July 11, 2024 - 10:39 By Kim Jun-hong
President of the University of Seoul Won Yong-geol (left) and CEO of Zyx Technology Eom Shin-jo pose for a photo after signing a memorandum of understanding for ZyxCAD license donation on June 25 at the University of Seoul. (Zyx Technology)

AI digital design platform company Zyx Technology announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding to donate ZyxCAD licenses worth 1 billion won ($722,021) to the University of Seoul.

Key figures including Eom Shin-jo, CEO of Zyx Technology, and Won Yong-geol, President of the University of Seoul, attended the signing ceremony held on June 25.

ZyxCAD is a versatile computer-aided design (CAD) software independently developed by Zyx Technology. It features a user interface and software language compatibility that facilitate a smooth transition for users accustomed to other design programs, as well as competitive pricing.

The donated licenses will enable approximately 500 students and faculty members of the University of Seoul to use ZyxCAD for the next three years.

Zyx Technology aims to allow the university and its students to learn and use next-generation design platforms. The company also committed to collaborating on the joint research and development of domestic AI software, training specialized personnel and participating in youth mentoring and practical training programs.

"We hope that students of the University of Seoul get to use our high-quality domestic CAD software without any financial burden so that they can enhance their design skills to a global standard and become future leaders in the industry," said Eom.

Meanwhile, Zyx Technology's AI R&D Center is developing Zyx Designer, an intelligent automated design program that integrates AI into the complex architectural design process. This program minimizes repetitive tasks and reduces design time, according to the company.