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Zyx Technology releases CAD software in Vietnam

July 11, 2024 - 09:04 By Kim Jun-hong
Zyx Technology CEO Choi Jong-bok (left) and HTI Hantech Innovation CEO Han Chang-woo pose after signing a distribution agreement for ZyxCAD in Vietnam. (Zyx Technology)

AI digital design platform company Zyx Technology announced Wednesday that it has signed a distribution agreement with HTI Hantech Innovation Vietnam, a system integration specialist, for ZyxCAD in the Vietnamese market.

HTI, which operates offices in Vietnam, Europe and the Middle East, brings and promotes Korean smart construction technologies in Vietnam, such as smart factories and smart building technologies, in Vietnam.

Zyx Technology anticipated that ZyxCAD and its AI-driven intelligent design program, Zyx Designer, would attract significant interest in the Vietnamese software market through this agreement.

ZyxCAD is a versatile computer-aided design (CAD) package independently developed by Zyx Technology. Since its launch in 2022, it has been lauded for its high compatibility, reasonable pricing, multi-CPU support and stable design environment.

Zyx Designer is a design tool that incorporates AI into complex architectural design processes. By automating repetitive tasks and performance analysis of intricate buildings, it substantially reduces design time and improves process efficiency.

The domestically developed ZyxCAD is poised to be actively marketed in Vietnam, initially targeting the construction and manufacturing industries.

"Vietnam is a market with high potential, driving global manufacturing with its sustained economic growth. With this distribution agreement, we aim to swiftly address the needs of local businesses and expand our influence through localized services in Vietnam," said Bruno Lee, executive director of Zyx Technology.

Meanwhile, Zyx Technology is scheduled to attend "Automation World Vietnam," a smart factory and automation industry exhibition in Vietnam this September. The company aims to create business opportunities with Vietnamese companies in factory automation, machine vision and smart factory technology.