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[팟캐스트] (599) 트럼프 진영 “주한미군 일부 감축 가능성...철수는 아닐 것”

July 8, 2024 - 06:01 By Park Jun-hee

진행자: 박준희, Elise Youn

US troops in S. Korea could be reduced, but not withdrawn, Trump allies tell Seoul lawmaker

기사 요약: 위성락 더불어민주당 의원, “트럼프 당선 시 주한미군 철수 가능성 배제 못 해”

[1] Rep. Wi Sung-lac, Seoul’s former ambassador to Russia and a Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker, said Thursday some key Donald Trump allies have told him they think US troops in South Korea could be reduced -- although not completely withdrawn -- if the former president wins in November.

* Former: 과저, 이전의 / Previous

* Key: 중요한 / Crucial

* Ally: 동맹국, 협력자

* Reduce: [규모, 크기] 등을 줄이다, 축소하다 / Decrease

[2] “I was told by his campaign officials that if Trump is re-elected, some reductions in US troops levels in South Korea were likely, but that they would not be withdrawn completely,” he told The Korea Herald. “I was also told South Korea could be asked to share more of the defense costs.”

* Withdraw: 철수하다 / Remove

* Likely: ~할 것 같은, 것으로 예상되는 / To be expected

* Share: 부담하다; 공유하다 / Split; Divide

[3] But Wi said he personally would not rule out US troops from being pulled out of South Korea altogether, if a second-term Trump administration becomes a reality.

* Rule out: 배제하다 / Exclude

* Pull out: 빠져나가다 / Withdraw

* Reality: 현실 / Actuality

[4] “Some believe that the establishment officials in Washington would prevent Trump from pulling US troops from the Korean Peninsula and making other moves that he hinted at. That may have been the case during the first-term Trump administration,” he said.

* Prevent: 막다 / Stave off

* Troop: 병사 / Soldiers; Armed forces

* Hint at: ~을 암시하다 / Imply, suggest

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