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[팟캐스트] (597) 반려견 소유권, '기른 정'이냐 '최초 분양'이냐

July 2, 2024 - 22:32 By Hong Yoo
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진행자: 홍유, Elise Youn

Canine custody clash: Does dog belong to buyer or guardian?

기사 요약: 반려견을 처음 분양받은 사람과 실제로 기른 사람 중 누구에게 소유권이 있는지 가리는 판결에서 1심과 2심이 엇갈린 결론을 내 해당 사건이 대법원 판단을 받게 됐다.

[1] A messy canine custody battle broke out recently after a woman sued her son's former girlfriend, claiming ownership of a golden retriever who had lived with her for years but is legally owned by the ex-girlfriend.

*messy: 지저분한, 엉망인

*sue: 고소하다, 소송을 제기하다

*claim: (…이 사실이라고) 주장하다

[2] Seoul High Court recently ruled in favor of the ex-girlfriend, overturning an earlier ruling that granted the mother ownership of the animal.

*in favor of: …에 찬성[지지]하여

*overturn: (판결 등을) 뒤집다[번복시키다]

[3] "There is no evidence to believe that (the ex-girlfriend) explicitly expressed her will to give the dog to the plaintiff," the court said in its ruling.

*explicitly: 명쾌하게

*plaintiff: (민사 소송의) 원고, 고소인

[4] It also pointed out that after the plaintiff neutered the dog in November 2020, she told her son to inform his then-girlfriend of the procedure, saying this was proof that the plaintiff thought the dog belonged to the defendant at the time.

*neuter: 거세하다

*belong to somebody: ~소유[것]이다, ~에 속하다

*defendant: (재판에서) 피고

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