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Sejong University signs agreement with Army to train cyber specialists

June 19, 2024 - 13:48 By Choi Jeong-yoon
Sejong University President Bae Deok-hyo (fifth from the left), Army Chief of Staff Park Ahn-soo (sixth from the left) and other officials take a commemorative photo at an agreement ceremony between Sejong University and the Army on May 28, 2024. (Sejong University)

Sejong University signed a bilateral agreement with the Republic of Korea Army Headquarters to collaborate in online fields. The agreement aims to improve the acquisition rate of cyber specialists within the Army.

This initiative follows the Ministry of National Defense's "Decision to Expand the Contracted Department of Military" in December 2023 to recruit experts in online fields. Sejong University's Department of Information Security was selected in March 2024 through an open recruitment process involving four-year universities with relevant departments and ROTC programs.

Graduates from Sejong University's Department of Cyber Defense will now be eligible for commissioning as Army Cyber Specialist Officers.

The signing ceremony saw attendance from notable figures including Sejong University President Bae Deok-hyo and General Park Ahn-soo, Chief of Staff of the Korean Armed Forces. The agreement focuses on fostering experts in cyber defense and establishing a cyber defense department with guaranteed employment.

Starting with the freshman class of 2025, Sejong University will select 20 outstanding students annually, providing full tuition support for four years. These students will engage in military activities, including tours of the Army's Cyber Operations Center, cyber warfare drills, barracks experiences, and participation in international cyber exercises.

Sejong University President Bae emphasized the university's commitment to cultivating experts needed by the Army, building on the success of similar programs with the Navy and Air Force. General Park highlighted the importance of cyber experts in creating an elite, technologically advanced army capable of responding to evolving online threats.