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Police request arrest warrant for company commanders over recruit's death

June 18, 2024 - 20:45 By Yonhap

A civic group and parents of soldiers in active service and discharged soldiers hold a press conference to call for efforts to seek the truth behind the death of a recruit after a demanding disciplinary session, in this file photo taken June 4, 2024. (Yonhap)

CHUNCHEON -- Police on Tuesday requested arrest warrants for two Army company commanders over the death of a trainee soldier following a session of demanding disciplinary training last month, officials said.

The suspects are accused of ordering a disciplinary session for six recruits at a unit in Inje County, 126 kilometers northeast of Seoul, on May 23, in violation of relevant training rules, resulting in the death of one conscript.

The soldier was taken to a civilian hospital after collapsing during the training but died two days later.

The recruit, who joined the Army on May 13, was reportedly ordered to run around the unit's training ground and do push-ups in full combat gear, despite relevant rules banning such demanding training in full gear.

The Gangwon Provincial Police asked for the warrants five days after questioning the two suspects over suspicions of causing death by occupational negligence and abuse of authority.

The cause of his death was found to be multiple organ failure due to septic shock, according to the Center for Military Human Rights Korea.