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Couple’s tennis game at Incheon Airport draws public outcry

June 14, 2024 - 11:53 By No Kyung-min
A couple plays tennis at Incheon Airport. (Bobaedream)

A short clip showing a couple playing tennis at Incheon Airport has ignited widespread online outrage over their disregard for public etiquette.

The viral video, which was posted on the online community Bobaedream on Thursday, features two people rallying a tennis ball between them with tennis rackets near an airport entrance. As of Friday, the post has garnered around 120,000 views.

The consensus from many comments was that the pair's behavior was “inconsiderate” and displayed “a low level of civility.” One anonymous poster questioned, “What on earth are they doing?” while another noted, “They don’t harbor a moral conscience or a regard for others, hence no feeling of guilt.”

Concerns also arose about the airport's response. "Do airport security guards really not do anything about them? Aren't they on the job?" one comment read, while others questioned the legality of the situation: "I guess there is no legal way of punishing them for doing such a thing in public areas?"

After the video went viral, officials of the Incheon International Airport Police Corps stated that responsibility for restraining such actions lies primarily with Incheon International Airport Corp., as it oversees the main operations of the airport. They clarified that police would have intervened if airport officials had reported the incident.

However, airport officials argued that police have the primary authority to maintain order at the airport.

According to police officials, an investigation is underway to identify the couple, and discussions are ongoing about how to handle the situation.