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Hyundai Motor to premier first original film starring Son Suk-ku, Ioniq 5

June 11, 2024 - 16:04 By Park Se-ra
A scene from the film "Night Fishing" (Hyundai Motor Company)

Hyundai Motor Company said Tuesday it is releasing its first original film “Night Fishing,” starring actor Son Suk-ku and featuring its top-selling electric vehicle the Ioniq 5, this Friday nationwide.

The film, the carmaker’s first foray into cinema, is a humanistic thriller weaving mystery and twists against the backdrop of an EV charging station.

Directed by Moon Byoung-gon, the first Korean to win the Short Film Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2013, this project marks his return to filmmaking after an 11-year hiatus.

Son, known for his roles in Netflix’s “D.P.” and “A Killer Paradox,” also participated in filming as a co-producer.

Unlike conventional automotive films, “Night Fishing” does not feature the Ioni1 5’s full body. Instead, the narrative unfolds through the vehicle’s seven built-in cameras, such as the Built-in Cam, surround view monitor, and digital side mirror, creating a new cinematic perspective’s tension.

The film has garnered attention with its selection for the international short film competition at the 28th Fantasia International Film Festival.

At Tuesday’s preview, Son commented, “It was hard to imagine how a film from a car’s perspective would turn out, but fixing a camera as an active entity resulted in unprecedented creativity. I'm happy with the collaborative result, and hope audiences find it too short to fully enjoy."

The film will hit CGV theaters across the nation Friday. With a running time of around 10 minutes, the ticket price is 1,000 won ($0.73).

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