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Hybe to launch creator-fan platform ‘Theus’

June 10, 2024 - 15:27 By Kim Jae-heun

Promotional poster for Theus, Hybe's fandom platform for creators (Hybe)

Binary Korea, a subsidiary of K-pop powerhouse Hybe, will officially launch the country’s first creator fandom platform, “Theus,” on June 22, the company said Monday.

Theus aims to be the "one and only playground where creators and fandom gather," providing an environment for creators to communicate with fans actively. Dedicated "spaces" are available for each creator, allowing them to upload their content, interact with fans and conduct various events to expand their fandom activities.

“Theus is a fandom platform for creators with about 20 teams on board, currently. More creators are planning to join our community constantly, and we will listen to their feedback to drive innovation and enhance user experience on our platform. We look forward to welcoming fans to Theus, a new playground for both creators and the fandom that supports them,” Binary Korea CEO Kim Sung-min said in a statement released Monday.

The name of the platform is meant to signify a space where creators and fans come together and become “us.” Binary Korea is developing the app service, while digital entertainment company Sandbox Network is spearheading operational management, including creator onboarding. The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding to create a fandom platform for creators on YouTube and TikTok in October last year.

Binary Korea has been beta-testing Theus since March. The platform is already home to popular creators such as Ddotty, Yell sister, Ddo_Ddo Couple, Anunu and Angg Zzing. Over 20,000 users have signed up for the app service.

Theus will begin its official service with a launch party on June 22. Until then, 10 more creators, including CheezeFilm, Just1min and Shin Sajang, are to join and take part in the journey of Theus as Korea’s first creator fandom platform.