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Dongsuh Foods' Kanu Barista woos coffee lovers

May 22, 2024 - 14:21 By Park Se-ra
Kanu Barista's capsule coffee machine (Dongsuh Foods)

As the domestic capsule coffee reaches an annual market size of 400 billion won ($293 million), South Korean food and beverage manufacturer Dongsuh Foods aims to attract more consumers through its brand, Kanu Barista.

Launched in February last year, Kanu Barista is a premium capsule coffee brand that contains 9.5 grams of coffee beans, which is 1.7 times more than conventional espresso capsules, delivering a richer flavor. The brand offers a diverse selection of 11 capsule types, including light roast, medium roast, dark roast, decaffeinated and ice-only options, catering to various consumer preferences.

"Using more coffee beans and our patented extraction technology, Kanu Barista is a premium kind of capsule coffee that best suits domestic consumers' taste," a company official said.

The capsules present a range of flavors, from light citrus acidity to smoky and chocolate notes. In November last year, Dongsuh Foods introduced three single-origin capsules: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Colombia Tolima and Indonesia Sumatra. These capsules feature region-specific beans from major coffee-growing areas, roasted using optimized methods.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is distinguished by its unique floral aroma and smooth texture. Colombia Tolima offers fruity notes and a balanced body, while Indonesia Sumatra provides a rich palate with cacao and herbal flavors.

In addition to expanding its product line, Dongsuh Foods has increased direct engagement with consumers.

Following the "Kanu on the Table" event in Seongsu-dong in eastern Seoul last year, the company is now operating a Kanu pop-up store in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Metro. This store will be open from Thursday until June 16 in the vacant space at Jayang Station on Seoul Subway Line No. 7.

At the pop-up store, visitors can sample Kanu Barista capsule coffee and participate in various activities such as photo zones and ticket making.

"We will continue to offer experiential promotions that provide a special brand experience for consumers," the official added.

Kanu Barista's pop-up store at Jayang Station on Seoul Subway Line 7, held until June 16. (Dongsuh Foods)