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North Korea selling ICBM-themed fireworks

May 20, 2024 - 15:14 By Kim Arin
ICBM-themed fireworks are being sold at a shop in Pyongyang, a North Korean state broadcaster footage shows on Sunday. (Korean Central Television)

North Korea is selling fireworks that look like its intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to its state broadcaster Korean Central Television.

In a news report broadcast late Sunday, the KCTV said more than 90,000 fireworks in 20 different types were being sold at a shop in Pyongyang.

One of the workers at the shop said in the interview with the state broadcaster that the latest range of fireworks that they carry included ones that were modeled after Hwasong, the name of the ICBM series developed by North Korea.

The fireworks shown in the news report were shaped like the elongated body of a missile, with patterns of black and white squares that are characteristic of a Hwasong missile.

North Korea has paraded merchandise and other works with missile themes at previous public events, which can be interpreted as a way of parading the success of its weapons developments, observers say.

Ri Sol-ju, the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was seen wearing a necklace with an ICBM pedant during an event marking the founding anniversary of the North Korean military in February 2023.

Last year’s exhibitions commemorating the birthday of Kim Jong-il, the second and previous leader of North Korea, also showcased works featuring Hwasong missiles.

The last time North Korea fired a Hwasong missile was on March 16 last year.