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Yonsei University to inspect dorm after collapse rumors, students' evacuation

May 20, 2024 - 14:42 By Yoon Min-sik
This internet post shows a tilted refrigerator inside the kitchen of the Yonsei University dormitory. (Everytime)

Yonsei University said Monday that it will conduct safety inspections of a dormitory on its Seoul campus, responding to rumors of a possible collapse that caused several tenants to vacate the building over the weekend.

Several students of the prestigious school evacuated the building over the weekend after an anonymous post on the Yonsei University page of the online college student community Everytime claimed that the dormitory "seems to be tilting." The post included a photo showing that a problem with the tiled floors in the sub-level kitchen had caused a refrigerator to tilt slightly.

School officials denied the collapse rumors, saying that the problem with the tilted refrigerator was simply from the deteriorating tiles. They said the building raised no concern in last year's safety check and vowed to conduct a detailed inspection of the structure soon.

The university school council posted on its Instagram page that the school has pledged to replace the entire tiled floor of the kitchen in question. It vowed to keep monitoring the situation, inviting students to report any possible concerns regarding the safety of the building.

The rumors kicked off a series of posts from students staying in the dormitory, including claims over a supposedly bent shower booth and "unnaturally loud sounds at the boiler room."

Seodaemun Fire Station on Sunday received a report that suspected a possible collapse, based on concrete dust found on the floor of the building.

The dormitory in question was constructed and donated by the Booyoung Group in 2014.