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Mark of NCT unveils first solo single, ‘200’

May 16, 2024 - 18:02 By Hong Yoo
Mark of NCT (SM Entertainment)

Mark of the K-pop boy group NCT released his first solo single, “200,” on Thursday.

The single “200” is a rock number with trendy, fast-tempo bass and drum sounds.

Mark took part in writing the lyrics and composing the single, which is about a fateful meeting with someone that leads to a perfect relationship in which together the couple shines even brighter.

Mark used cartoons and a vintage-style video filter to give the song's music video an early 2000s look.

Mark also released an acoustic version of “200” which presents a mellow melody and vocals that are different from the original version.

“I am excited to release this single for my fans to enjoy in the summer. I think the acoustic version of ‘200’ is perfect to tune into at nighttime. The music video was created like a film with several visually appealing parts. I had fun filming it so I hope Czennies (fandom name) enjoy watching it,” Mark said in a press release.

Beginning with this first solo single, Mark is set to do more projects as a solo artist.

He is scheduled to release his first official solo album in February 2025.