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NewJeans' members' parents complained to Hybe, email shows

May 13, 2024 - 19:41 By Kim Jae-heun
Hybe's headquarters in Seoul (Yonhap)

Embattled Ador CEO Min Hee-jin has drawn NewJeans’ members' parents into the ongoing dispute between Hybe and herself in an bid to strengthen public sentiment against the parent company, Hybe said Monday.

A local media outlet, Monday, disclosed an email from the parents of NewJeans’ members sent to Hybe through Ador on April 3. Ador, one of the 11 subsidiaries of Hybe, is the music label behind NewJeans.

In the email, the parents expressed their regret towards Hybe CEO Park Ji-won and Belift Lab CEO Kim Tae-ho over suspicions that Belift Lab’s newly debuted girl group Illit had plagiarized NewJeans' style and choreography. Belift Lab is also one of Hybe’s music labels under the parent company’s multilabel system.

The parents further complained that Hybe Chairman Bang Si-hyuk had ignored the NewJeans members multiple times when they greeted him at the company’s headquarters in Seoul.

“Even if he (Bang) did not notice they were NewJeans members, if someone greets you first, it would be basic etiquette to acknowledge it. Was it that difficult to say 'hi' back?” the parents said in their email.

NewJeans (Ador)

Hybe immediately released an official statement, Monday, denying that Bang had ignored the NewJeans members and arguing that Min is attempting to cover up Hybe's allegation of breach of trust against her.

“We received an email (from NewJeans members' parents) on April 3 and replied on April 16 that there was no plagiarism. It is also not true that Chairman Bang did not acknowledge the bows of the NewJeans members. We are appalled by Min’s attempt to use her artists -- and even their parents -- as a shield for her selfish pursuits,” Hybe said.