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[팟캐스트] (582) '비계 삼겹살' 논란 무엇?

May 9, 2024 - 18:01 By Choi Jeong-yoon
An online poster shares a photo of fatty port belly cut on the grill in online community Bobaedream. (Bobaedream)

진행자: 최정윤, Paul Kerry

Debate rages over ‘overly fatty’ samgyeopsal

기사 요약: 온라인 떠들썩하게 한 '비계 삼겹살' 논란에 제주도 내 돼지고기 전문 식당 70여 곳을 대상으로 현장 조사를 나서고 농림축산식품부는 소포장 삼겹살에서 겉지방층 1cm 이하로 관리하라는 등의 '삼겹살 품질관리 매뉴얼' 제정돼

[1] As much as "samgyeopsal," the quintessential Korean pork belly cut, translates to three-layered meat, its deliciousness hinges on the perfect balance of fat and meat. This balance delivers a satisfyingly chewy texture bursting with juicy, meaty flavor.

* quintessential: 전형적인, 가장 대표적인

* hinge on: ~에 달려있다 (depend/ be contingent upon)

[2] In online forums in South Korea now, a heated debate is underway over just how much fat is too much in fat-rich samgyeopsal, as people share their experiences of being served cuts they deem “overly fatty” at restaurants.

* be underway: 진행 중이다

* deem: ~로 여기다, 생각하다

[3] The debate was sparked by an online post on the website Bobaedream last week. An anonymous user posted photos of sizzling Jeju black pig samgyeopsal at a Jeju Island restaurant. The poster claimed the cuts have a "98 percent fat content." For two servings of the fatty pork cuts and one bottle each of soju and beer, the bill was around 150,000 won ($109), the person claimed.

* spark: 불꽃, v) 촉발시키다, 유발하다

[4] The fatty samgyeopsal controversy prompted a response from Gov. Oh Young-hun of the island province of Jeju, renowned for its black pork cuts. At a press conference Thursday, he announced the provincial government's internal review to assess the necessity for stricter management of the livestock sector.

* prompt: 즉각적인, 지체 없는, v) 촉발하다

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