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[Graphic News] National Museum of Korea 6th most-visited museum globally

May 1, 2024 - 08:00 By Nam Kyung-don

The National Museum of Korea in Seoul ranked sixth among museums and art galleries worldwide in terms of its total number of visitors in 2023, according to the UK-based Art Newspaper.

The annual number of visitors in 2023 reached 4,180,285.

The number of visitors to the National Museum of Korea increased by 22.5 percent last year from 3,411,381 a year earlier. This is the largest number of visitors since its opening in 1945.

The museum has a collection of 420,000 artifacts from ancient times to the modern era, covering a wide range of topics, including art and culture. Admission is free except for special exhibitions.

The Louvre Museum in Paris topped the list with 8,860,000 visitors, followed by the Vatican Museums with 6,764,858 and the British Museum in London with 5,820,860 visitors.