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Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 Is Officially Released in Hong Kong, with Six Highlights Inspiring a Leap to Cloud

April 25, 2024 - 20:10 By PRNEWSWIRE

HONG KONG, April 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- At Huawei Cloud Summit 2024 in Hong Kong, Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, announced the release of Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 in Hong Kong. Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 provides more than 110 on-premises cloud services and six highlights, aiming to help government organizations and companies in Hong Kong dive into cloud and spur innovation.

Huawei Cloud also launched a "Leap2Cloud" initiative to help more customers and partners in Hong Kong bid farewell to virtualization and embrace cloud transformation. Huawei Cloud envisions promoting wide adoption of the "dive into cloud" concept across all industries to unlock a new era of digital and intelligent transformation.

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud
Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, said: "In April 2023, Huawei Cloud released Huawei Cloud Stack 8.2 in Hong Kong. Over the past year, we have been reinforcing our cloud services and key features. Today, we are set to release Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3. This brand-new version provides six highlights: a solid cloud foundation and five innovative capabilities covering databases, mainframe modernization, data lakes, large AI models, and industrial Internet. We strive to create greater value and better experience for government and enterprise customers and partners in Hong Kong."

Huawei Cloud Stack provides high availability, robust security, multi-architecture compute, and an open, trusted, more resilient cloud native infrastructure. Huawei Cloud Stack has been stepping up efforts to boost innovation to support the following key capabilities:

  • GaussDB provides a distributed database with high performance and reliability: GaussDB, in terms of high-concurrency handling, delivers excellent reliability and 30% better performance than rival products in the industry. It also provides flexible disaster recovery and one-stop migration capabilities, which are critical to core systems of government and enterprise customers.
  • Mainframe modernization accelerates transformation of core systems: Customers in many sectors like finance, energy, and manufacturing are eager to move their core systems from siloed legacy mainframes to open platforms. To address these requirements, Huawei launched the mainframe modernization solution using innovation in software, hardware, and services. The solution provides three cloud migration paths: re-hosting, re-platforming, and rearchitecting of core systems. It provides cloud-hardware synergy, more dependable processes, and scenario-specific solutions.
  • A converged data lake improves data sharing and circulation: Huawei Cloud Stack provides three innovative services: MRS (a big data service), DWS (a data warehouse service), and DataArts Studio (one-stop data governance). It also provides an enterprises-grade real-time data lake that supports OLAP and HTAP workloads and unifies data standards. With Huawei Cloud Stack, customers in diverse sectors like government and finance are now able to achieve efficient cross-source, cross-domain data collaboration and real-time data analysis and sharing.
  • Pangu Models help customers in every industry build tailored large AI models in one stop: Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 is the industry's first hybrid cloud that can be used to deploy large AI models. It provides the industry's most comprehensive AI pipeline including computing platforms, cloud services, development suites, and professional services. It enables numerous models and applications and empowers a myriad of industries.
  • Industrial Internet is integrated with AI to enable new industrialization: Huawei Cloud Stack provides a reference architecture for a new industrial Internet platform. It enables industrial all-domain connections, data intelligence, and application innovation. It helps resolve pain points in different stages of industrial production and drives integration with AI.

Huawei Cloud Stack is a partner customers can count on when they move to, use, and manage the cloud. They have been streamlining and optimizing product portfolios, professional services, and customer-oriented workflows since 2021, and so far, have launched more than 40 scenario-specific solutions tailored to customer needs. In the near future, Huawei Cloud Stack will continue to simplify technologies, develop more easier specific-scenario solutions, and share experience.

Mainframe Modernization: A New Trusted Solution

At the conference, Lv Jinjiang, CTO of the Huawei Mainframe Modernization BU for International Business, introduced Huawei's mainframe modernization business unit (BU), along with a trusted solution they designed for the sectors such as finance. Lv Jinjiang said: "Mainframes are critical infrastructure for running financial core applications. Making breakthroughs in foundational technologies to achieve independent innovation has become a challenging problem worldwide. The last challenge of this type was ERP and database replacement. The Huawei Mainframe Modernization BU includes Huawei's technical and service experts in various fields. This BU works with our customers and partners to make breakthroughs in key technologies. We aim to establish an open cloud native platform to modernize core systems faster."

Lv Jinjiang, CTO of Huawei Mainframe Modernization BU for International Business
Lv Jinjiang, CTO of Huawei Mainframe Modernization BU for International Business

Leap to New Growth with Operational Excellence

Deploying a cloud platform is just the first step. What is more important is helping customers move to, use, and manage cloud, so they can create greater value. Gong Qing, Director of Huawei Hybrid Cloud Operations Department, said: "Huawei Cloud Stack provides a comprehensive cloud operations solution based on our extensive experience serving customers across many sectors like government, finance, and enterprises. The solution provides a broad set of capabilities, covering cloud migration tools, cloud native transformation, proactive O&M capabilities such as the design of a high availability solution, and operations system establishment. It helps customers move faster to dive into cloud and thrive with digital power."

Gong Qing, Director of Huawei Hybrid Cloud Operations Department
Gong Qing, Director of Huawei Hybrid Cloud Operations Department

Huawei Cloud Stack serves more than 5,500 customers around the world. In China, Huawei Cloud Stack is a leader in nine markets, such as the government cloud and financial cloud infrastructure markets. Huawei Cloud is also a leader in the emerging Asia-Pacific hybrid cloud market. Huawei Cloud Stack is a trusted partner who always stands by their customers.

Leap to Cloud

In 2024, Huawei Cloud launched the "Leap2Cloud" initiative to work in tandem with customers and partners in diverse industries in Hong Kong to seize strategic opportunities in intelligence. Huawei Cloud is prepared to help customers bid farewell to legacy virtualization and embrace cloud native, AI, and big data. Huawei Cloud Stack fuels business growth with accelerated innovation and unleashes greater power from cloud.

Leap2Cloud News Photo
Leap2Cloud News Photo

Looking ahead, Huawei Cloud Stack will continue to stay at the forefront of technical innovation, to provide more competitive products and solutions to customers, to dive deep into cloud, and to promote comprehensive intelligence.