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Bazi Bushen Capsule Became the Representative Drug of Anti-aging Chinese Medicine

April 25, 2024 - 20:10 By PRNEWSWIRE

SHIJIAZHUANG, China, April 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 21, the 3rd Traditional Chinese Medicine Anti-Aging Conference, hosted by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, was held in Shijiazhuang. Yiling Pharmaceutical's Bazi Bushen capsule, as a representative drug of anti-aging innovative TCM widely recognized in the industry, became one of the focuses of the meeting. At the conference, many experts and scholars shared the theoretical basis and clinical research results of Bazi Bushen capsule in detail, and the effectiveness of the product in anti-aging has been recognized by many participants.

The 3rd Traditional Chinese Medicine Anti-Aging Conference
The 3rd Traditional Chinese Medicine Anti-Aging Conference

Liu Yanhong, Deputy Director of Hebei Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, remarked that anti-aging is an eternal topic in human health and currently one of the hottest research areas in life sciences. The research on vital energy and spirit for anti-aging led by Academician Wu Yiling has provided a new direction and path for the construction of new theories of Traditional Chinese medicine anti-aging, leveraging new advantages in anti-aging, actively addressing population aging, and exploring new pathways to promote the construction of a healthy China.

Academician Wu Yiling’s Academic Report
Academician Wu Yiling’s Academic Report

During the conference, Wu delivered an academic report entitled Study on Anti-Aging of Bazi Bushen Capsules Guided by the Theory of Qi and Meridians and the Theory of Vital Energy and Spirit. It is understood that in recent years, Wu has led a team of experts to conduct systematic research on kidney-tonifying prescriptions from over two thousand years ago under the guidance of the theory of Qi and meridians and the theory of vital energy and spirit, and through inheritance and innovation, they have successfully created Bazi Bushen Capsules. Series of studies have found that Bazi Bushen Capsules have significant preventive and therapeutic effects on aging-related diseases of various systems including the nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, immune, reproductive, motor, and integumentary systems. Concurrent clinical evidence-based study has also confirmed the anti-aging effects of Bazi Bushen Capsules, which can significantly relieve the aging symptoms of the nervous, mental, integumentary, musculoskeletal and urogenital systems in the elderly, improve physical and psychological frailty, enhance the quality of life, and increase exercise capacity and endurance.


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