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Drone light shows over Han River in Seoul to begin Saturday

April 25, 2024 - 15:24 By Lee Jaeeun
Drones illuminate the night sky during a drone light show in a park along the Han River in Seoul last year. (Seoul Metropolitan Government)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Thursday that the Hangang Drone Light Show 2024 along the Han River would begin on Saturday.

Five such shows have been planned for the first half of this year, following those held last year. In the second half of this year, five drone shows will be held from September to October, according to the city government.

The drone light show will take place at the waterfront stage in Jamsil Hangang Park for 15 minutes at 8 p.m., starting April 27 and during Seoul Festa 2024 on May 6, 11 and 18 and June 1.

The first show planned for Saturday is set to showcase Seoul’s charms, including the new mascot for the city, Seoul Hechi & Soul Friends, under the theme of “Enjoy All That Seoul.”

Featuring about 1,000 drones, the multimedia extravaganza will feature not only LED drones, but also drones with fireworks and water drones floating on the river.

Before the 15-minute main drone show starts at 8 p.m., the Seoul Metropolitan Government will host a culture and arts concert for an hour from 7 p.m.

“Last year, a total of 125,000 people watched the drone light shows. The city will work hard so that people will love this year’s shows as well,” an official from the city government said.

More information is available on the show's official Instagram account: @seouldroneshow_official.