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K-water, Kyrgyzstan forge renewable energy, climate ties

April 23, 2024 - 16:25 By Park Se-ra
Korea Water Resources Corp. CEO Yun Seog-dae (left) and Kasymaliev Adylbek Aleshovich, the first deputy chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan, pose for a photo during their meeting in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Tuesday. (K-water)

Korea Water Resources Corp. is intensifying its international outreach to jointly tackle the climate crisis and bolster the export of water management technologies.

In line with this initiative, the state-run water management agency announced on Tuesday that it has entered into multiple agreements with Kyrgyzstan to foster cooperation in the water sector and climate crisis response.

Kyrgyzstan, a pivotal partner country for Korea, has previously concentrated its efforts in the environmental and public health sectors.

As the principal agency for Korea’s Ministry of Environment focused on international greenhouse gas reduction projects, K-water’s ties with Kyrgyzstan are set to deepen cooperation in these critical areas.

The bilateral engagement highlights a larger commitment to addressing the global climate crisis and broadening Korea’s water industry outreach into Central Asia.

During his visit to Kyrgyzstan, K-water CEO Yun Seog-dae engaged in comprehensive discussions with the senior government executives to bolster collaborative efforts in water innovation and climate change initiatives.

The engagements kicked off with a significant pact signed Thursday with Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Energy. The agreement is geared toward expanding international greenhouse gas emission reduction projects and integrating these initiatives with official development assistance. The agreement further includes collaborative measures for the domestic transfer of emission rights.

Subsequent to this agreement, K-water and OJSC Chakan-GES, a hydropower public corporation under Kyrgyzstan's Ministry of Energy, forged a partnership to utilize K-water’s expertise in hydroelectric power generation on Friday. This partnership is designed to enhance the management and operations of hydropower facilities, advancing the modernization of Kyrgyzstan’s hydropower infrastructure.

Further cooperation was highlighted during a meeting with Kasymaliev Adylbek Aleshovich, the first deputy chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, focusing primarily on addressing local water challenges through advanced digital water management technologies.

Aleshovich voiced strong support for renewable energy initiatives, including small hydroelectric development projects, and solicited K-water’s assistance in developing a national water resources master plan. This plan will leverage K-water’s innovative water management technologies to foster joint efforts in carbon reduction and renewable energy projects.

“The profound technologies of K-water, such as our digital twin for water management and AI water purification plants, are recognized globally for their competitiveness. Based on this cooperation, we plan to expand our role in solving global water issues and support domestic water companies in their international ventures,” Yun said in highlighting the joint efforts.

The collaboration with Kyrgyzstan follows K-water’s ongoing role as the chair organization of the Asia Water Council, reaffirming its dedication to addressing global water challenges and climate issues.

Additionally, K-water’s involvement in Kyrgyzstan includes the development of small hydropower projects on the Chu River, further solidifying the strategic partnership initiated in 2023.