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[팟캐스트] (577) 카카오, ‘AI 얼라이언스’ 가입…국내 기업 중 처음

April 22, 2024 - 13:07 By Hong Yoo
Kakao becomes the first Korean tech firm to join the AI Alliance, a global organization dedicated to AI ethics, the company said Friday. (Kakao Corp.)

진행자: 홍유, Elise Youn

Kakao joins AI Alliance, promotes safe, responsible AI

기사요약: 카카오는 인공지능(AI) 연구·개발의 개방형 혁신과 인공지능 생태태 확장 협력을 위해 출범한 글로벌 오픈소스 커뮤니티 ‘인공지능 얼라이언스’(AI Alliance)’에 가입했다.

[1] Korean IT giant Kakao joined AI Alliance, the global open-source community dedicated to the responsible development of artificial intelligence, becoming the first Korean firm to do so, the company said Friday.

*dedicated to: ~에 전념하는, 헌신하는

[2] “We will work together with the AI Alliance to establish an open AI ecosystem meeting the global standard for the open, responsible and safe development of AI technology,” Kakao AI Safety Leader Kim Kyung-hoon said. “We will take on the social responsibility as a digital tech firm, and make continuous efforts to strengthen AI ethics.”

*social responsibility: 사회적 책임

[3] Kakao has actively supported the ethical development of the rising technology, being the first Korean firm to announce its algorithm ethics in 2018. The company launched the industry's first tech ethics committee in July 2022 and released a report on technology ethics for the joint community in 2023. Kakao also operates a team dedicated to the value of AI ethics.

*ethical: 윤리적인

*committee: 위원회

[4] In joining the AI Alliance, Kakao said it will work to spread the global AI ethics standard in Korea, while also advocating for Korea's AI standards internationally. Newly introducing the Chief AI Officer position in the company, Kakao said it will also systematically push for new AI initiatives in the coming years.

*advocate: (공개적으로) 지지하다

*initiative: (특정한 문제 해결/목적 달성을 위한 새로운) 계획


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